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NeighbourHOOD: public art and video with the Peacekeepers 2010

In 2009-2010, I collaborated with The Peacekeepers - a small group of First Nations inner city pre-teens who attend Albert Community School in North Central where I was an artist - researcher in residence.


The Peacekeepers were supported in leadership development and anti-violence strategies through RAMP (Regina Alternative Measures Program) and University of Regina Human Justice program. We ran lunch time workshops with a range of art projects to explore their understanding of their neighbourhood North Central, Regina. Workshop artists included hip hop artist Def 3, theatre artist Simon Moccasin, and street artist Josh Goff. 


I was commissioned by the Dunlop Art Gallery as part of the  2010 Ice & Fire Winter Carnival to develop a large public artwork and engaged Josh Goff (street art) and Jay Meyer (film maker) to collaborate with the Peacekeepers. Over a week at freezing temperatures, we created a large snow sculpture for the with the intent to engage local citizens to think about their community. Other contributors included Ashley Longmore (RAMP), Warren McCall (MLA), and Steven McDavid (local resident). 

Youtube video care of  ©2010 Frozen Finger Films DV/NTSC; 16:9; 13min26sec Distributed by

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