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AAANZ Conference 2018
Spectres of Evaluation, 2014 Over the Barricades, Lavarack & Burke
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Collective Kolektif 2020

Come Together: conferences, symposia, and fieldschool masterclasses 

With a reputation as a community-based academic, my scholarly and creative practice involves a strong commitment to community engagement in both the creation, dialogue and dissemination of research outcomes. I contribute leadership in my field by contributing to a research culture by creating dialogic and publishing opportunities for other researchers, community and the arts sector more broadly. This is evidenced by the breadth and depth of conferences, symposiums, masterclasses and residencies I co-host and convene - always bringing together a mix of artists, industry and academics. 

Co-convenor (2020) Collective/Kolektif: a symposium of artist collectives from Indonesia and Melbourne, Collingwood Arts Precinct with RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, BUS Projects, All Conference and Liquid Architecture (with Andy Tetzlaff, Dr Edwin Jurriens, and Dr Michelle Antoinette).   

Co-convenor (2018) The Social Context of Art: aesthetics, politics and histories, Art Association of Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ), RMIT University (with Prof Daniel Palmer). 

Co-convenor (2017) Towards a Network on Social Practice Across Art and Design, Design and Creative Practice Enabling Capability Platform, RMIT University (with Assoc Prof Keely Macarow, Dr Grace McQuilten, and Russell Kerr) 

Convener and Producer (2014) Spectres of Evaluation: art/ community/ value international conference, Footscray Community Arts Centre and University of Melbourne. 

Convener (2014) Representing Community-based Arts Masterclass with Dr Sophie Hope, Prof Will Garrett-Petts, and Prof Ted Purves, Melbourne, Australia. 

Co-convener (2014) Forms for Encounter and Exchange: Masterclass with Prof Ted Purves and Susanne Cockrell (USA), at Laughing Waters Artist Residency, Eltham, Australia. 

Co-convenor (2014) Cool Water for Burning Questions, Masterclass, for artists and arts managers in Yogyakarta, as part of the FCACheartsJogja reciprocal residency, Indonesia with Jade Lillie (former CEO of Footscray Community Arts). 

Convener (2013) Turn to Community in the Arts Symposium, Centre for Cultural Partnerships and Footscray Community Arts Centre. 

Co-convener (2012) Making Culture Count: rethinking measures of cultural wellbeing, vitality and citizenship, Cultural Development Network and University of Melbourne. 

Convener (2010) Creative Conversation Series, Humanities Research Institute, University of Regina.

Conference artistic producer (2009) Regenerating Community: local governance and the arts, Cultural Development Network and RMIT University, Melbourne, 2009. 

Convenor (2009) (with Cultural Development Network) National Roundtable, Creative and Collaborative Methods in Community Research: Roundtable of Culture + Community Researchers.

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