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e46 badham – creating artistic space to think

I think going forward, there’s a lot that the arts can do. Philosophically art is one of the only places that we can still ask these questions, play out politics and negotiate ideas. Further, art isn’t about communicating climate disaster, art is about creating space for people to think through some of these issues.   

dr. marnie badham, conscient podcast, may 13, 2021, australia

The conscient podcast is a series of conversations and monologues about art and the ecological crisis researched and produced by Claude Schryer. This podcast is bilingual (in either English or French). 

"I started the conscient project in 2020 as a personal learning journey and knowledge sharing exercise. It has been rewarding, and sometimes surprising. The term ‘conscient’ is defined as ‘being aware of one’s surroundings, thoughts and motivations’. My touchstone for the podcast is episode 1, e01 terrified, based on an essay I wrote in May 2019, where I share my anxiety about the climate crisis and my belief that arts and culture can play a critical role in raising public awareness about environmental issues. 

The conscient podcast follows up on my (2016–2019) project: 175, 3-minute audio and video field recordings that explore mindful listening."

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