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Scholarly Books

Badham, M., (forthcoming) The Social Life of Artist Residencies: connecting with people and places not your own, in Culture and Community Series, Duxbury, N., and Petts, W.G. (eds), University of Calgary Press.

MacDowall, L., Badham, M. Blomkamp, E. and Dunphy, K. (eds), (2015) Making Cultural Count: the politics of cultural measurement, London: Springer.

Chapters in Books

Couzens, V. and Badham, M. (2022 forthcoming) 'Listening to Country, Listening to Community: re-centring relational knowledge in Public Art commissioning on unceded sovereign territories' in Counter-monuments: Indigenous settler relations in Australian public art and memorial practices, eds Grieves, G., and Spiers, A., Springer.  

Badham, M and Maravillas, F. (2022) 'The Gentle Activism of ‘Bruised Food’: art and curation in times of crises', McQuilten, G. and Palmer D. eds The World We Want: Dystopian & Utopian Impulses in Art Making, Intellect, University of Chicago Press. 

Coate, B., and Badham, M., (2022), Unpaid Labour and Volunteering in the Arts and Cultural Sector: towards more sustainable practices, Veco, M., Jung, Y., Vakharia, N., Oxford Handbook of Arts & Cultural Management, Oxford.

Badham, M., Wise, K., and MacDonald, A., (2021) ‘Mona’s 24 Carrot Gardens: seeding an ecology of cultural value’, Exploring cultural value: Contemporary issues for theory and practice, Lehman, K., Fillis, I., and Wickham, M. (eds), Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Badham, M., Garrett Petts, W.F. Jackson, S., Langois, J., Malthotra, (2019) ‘Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping: Key issues and research lines’, in Duxbury, N. et al (eds) Artistic Approaches to Cultural Mapping: Activating Imaginaries and Means of Knowing, Routledge.

Badham, M., (2019) ‘Spectres of Evaluation: Inter-determinancy and the negotiation of value(s) in socially engaged art', in Co-creation Practices, Preston, M. & Poulin, C. (eds) Empire Edition co- édition CAC, Brétigny/Mac Val/Paris 8: 205 - 217. (translated into French)

Badham, M., (2016) ‘The Cultural Value of Laughing Waters Artist Residency: artists connecting to people and place’, in Laughing Waters Road: Art, Landscape and Memory in Eltham exhibition catalogue and art journal, Longato C. (ed), Nillumbik Shire Council, Victoria, Australia.

Badham, M., (2015) ‘Democratising Cultural Indicators: developing a shared sense of progress’, in MacDowall, L., Badham, M. Blomkamp, E. Dunphy, K. (eds) Making Cultural Count: the politics of cultural measurement, London: Springer.

Badham, M., (2015) ‘Is it possible/necessary/useful/to write a theoretical framework of social practice?’, in Turnbull, G.R. (ed), The Questions We Ask Together, Portland State University: OE in Print, Open Engagement.

Badham, M. and Oliver, J., (2013) ‘Stories from HOME: an art research intervention at Bell Bardia Estate,’ in Duxbury, N. (ed), Animation of Public Space through the Arts: Towards More Sustainable Communities. Coimbra, Portugal: Almedina.

Refereed Journal Articles

Hussey-Smith, K., and Badham, M., (2022 forthcoming), 'Public Reading as Resistance', Unlikely Journal of Creative Arts,  La Trobe University/ University of Melbourne. 

Murray, P., Badham, M., Rief, A., Meecham, T., (2022 forthcoming) 'Performing The Coming Back Out Ball: Queer Aesthetics and Gentle Activism of All the Queens Men'. Special issue of Australasian Drama Studies on Queer Performance, UNSW Sydney.

Hussey Smith, K., Thajib, F., Kusuma, G., KC, D, Badham, M., Charman, K., (2022 forthcoming), Critical Introduction, Forms for Encounter & Exchange: artist-led approaches to public pedagogy in the Asia Pacific region, Special Edition of the Public Pedagogies Journal, Victoria University. 

Liu, Y., Redfern, D., and Badham, M., (2022) Huaniao Island Public Art Festival: a site for field and encounter,  2020-2021: Public Art in Tumultuous Times, Public Art Dialogue, Taylor and Francis online. 

Douglass, M. and Badham, M., (2022) Aesthetic Systems of Participatory Painting: playing with paint, dialogic art, and the innovative collective, Public Art Dialogue, 12; 1, 52-73, Taylor and Francis online. 

Wise, K., MacDonald, A., Badham, M., Brown, N., & Rankin, S. (2022). Interdisciplinarity for social justice enterprise: intersecting education, industry and community arts perspectives. The Australian Educational Researcher, 1-21.

#UnmaskedSelfiesinSolidarity: From Selfie Care to CollectiveCare -Affective Artivism, Networked Belonging and Mobile Media Participatory Art, (proposed 2020), The Journal of Public Space, special issue ‘Art and Activism in Public Space’, Italy: City Space Architecture.

Badham, M., (2017) ‘The Social Life of Artist Residencies: working with people and places not your own,’ in Seismopolite: Journal of Art and Politics, Paal Andreas Bøe (ed) 18: 1 and 2, The Residency in Context (part one & two).

Condliffe, Z., Beer, T., and Badham, M., (2017) ‘Refugium: the politics of participatory ecological art in public-private spaces,’ in Performing Climates, GPS: Global Performance Studies Journal, 1:2.

Badham, M., Hill, K., Purves, T., Cockrell, S., and Spiers, A., et al., (2017) ‘Forms for Encounter and Exchange: Laughing Waters Artists’ Fieldschool Residency,’ in Special Edition Issue 2, Fieldwork, Ihlein, L. and Bunt, B., (eds) Unlikely Journal for Creative Arts, La Trobe University/ University of Melbourne.

McNeill, K., and Badham, M., (eds) (2014) ‘Editors’ Introduction,’ Asia Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management, special edition: ‘Making Culture Count’, University of Melbourne.

Badham, M., (2013) ‘The Turn to Community: Exploring the political and relational in the arts’, Journal of Art & Communities, vol 5: 2+3: 93–104, Intellect.

Badham, M., Irwin, K. and van Fossen, R., (2013) ‘Linking Who We Are and Where We Are: Saskatchewan’s Legacy of Community and Site-oriented Performance,’ in The New Saskatchewan, CTR [Canadian Theatre Review] 154: 18 – 25.

Oliver, J. and Badham, M., (2013) ‘Representing the Everyday: Situational Practice and Ethnographic Conceptualism’, in Laboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, vol 5, no 4: 149-165. (translated into Russian)

Badham, M., (2010) ‘The case for ‘socially engaged arts’: navigating art history, cultural development and arts funding narratives,’ Local Global: Identity, Security, Community 7: 84-99.

Badham, M., (2009) ‘Cultural Indicators: a tool for community engagement?’, International Journal for Arts and Society, vol 3, no 5, 67-76.


Exhibitions, Artworks and Performance

Badham, M., and Wong Hulbert, T., (2022) ‘To the fallen trees…’ in: The Big Anxiety Festival, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum and UNSW, Australia.

Ngo, P., Badham, M., et al (100 collaborators) (2021-2022), Racist Paintings, THE 10TH ASIA PACIFIC TRIENNIAL OF CONTEMPORARY ART (APT10), QAGOMA, Brisbane, Queensland. 

Liu, Sherry (Ye) Badham, M., Redfern, D., (associate curators) (2021) Huaniao Island Public Art Festival, Huaniao Island Local Government, China. 

Collie, M., Badham, M., and Loo, S., (curators) (2021) ‘The Sounds of Justice are Music to My Mouth’, Liquid Architecture, CAST research @ RMIT, UNSW and partners, online, Melbourne, Australia. 

Badham, M., and Wong Hulbert, T., (2020) ‘Pedestrian Poetics in Public Space’ in: Dancing Place: Corhanwarrabul, Dandenong Ranges, Australia.

Haines, J., Couzens, V., Badham, M., (2020) ‘The Power That We Have… Listen Up!’ Film shorts featuring three strong Aboriginal women discussing their experiences of consultation and collaboration with non-Indigenous settlers, RMIT University.

Badham, M. and Maravillas, F. (curators) (2019) ‘Bruised Food: a living laboratory,’ in Bruised: Art Action & Ecology in Asia exhibition, co-curated by Helen Rayment and Thao Nuygen, (lab curator), RMIT Gallery, Melbourne.

Badham, M., (2018) Clarendon Creative Progressive Dinner Party (artist performance and video) producer Amy Milhinch, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Clarendon, South Australia.

Badham, M. and Wong Hulbert, T., (2018) Five Weeks in Spring: an emotional map of Lilydale, Force of Nature exhibition, curated by Gretel Taylor, Yarra Ranges Regional Museum, Lilydale, Victoria, Australia.

Badham, M. and Dundas Oke, E., (2018) EmpowerHER: A Women’s Map to the City, (participatory artist-researcher residency), United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo and Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC, Canada.

Badham, M. and Ball, R., (2014) Artworks and Exchanges: the problem of representing socially- engaged artworks, (co-curator and conference convenor) Footscray Community Arts, Roslyn Smorgan Art Gallery and Incinerator Art Gallery, Moonee Valley, Australia.

Badham, M., (2014) Exquisite Corpstallation (artist residency) collaborative exhibition as part of artist residency FCAC hearts Jogja, Ace House Collective and Footscray Community Arts Centre, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Badham, M., de Araujo, J., Gomes, C., (2013) Kitchen Talks: the food and culture of Timor-Leste art exhibition (curator), The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia.

Badham, M., Oliver, J. and Kane, J., (2011) Stories from HOME, Housing Estate art exhibition (artist- curator), July 2011, Little Catalina Gallery, Banyule Community Health Service, Heidelberg West, Australia.

Sorova, N., Badham, M., Lounder, B. and Jimenez, C., (2010) Walking Street Performance and Exhibition, Gabrovo City Gallery, as part of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability in Social Transformation, ASSIST, Cultural 21, Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

Badham, M., Meyer, J. and Goff, J., (2009) NeighbourHOOD: public art work and documentary film (with The Peacekeepers Circle, Albert Elementary School) Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, Canada.

Artist Residencies

2022 Saskatchewan Writers Guild Retreat (by competitive peer jury selection), St Peter’s Abbey, Muenster, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

2018 Centre for Sound Communities artist-researcher in residence, CBU Cape Breton University, Canada.

2018 Leighton Studios Artist Residency, Crich Studio, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Banff, Alberta, Canada

2017 EmpowerHER: a women’s map to the city, with Emily Oke Dundas, United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo, Thompson Rivers University, and JUMP Homeless Shelter, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

2016 TIME PLACE SPACE: NOMAD Experimental Artists Residency, Performance Space/ ArtsHouse and Tipping Point, Natimuk, Victoria, Australia.

2015 Forms for Encounter and Exchange: Field School residency for Social-engaged Artists, (convenor with Professors Ted Purves and Suzanne Cockrell from California College of the Arts), Laughing Waters Artist Residency, Nillumbik Shire Council and Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne, Australia.

2015 Residency Botkyrka, Kunstalle Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden.

2015 Laughing Waters Artist Residency, Nillumbik Shire Council, Victoria, Australia. 2014 KUNCI Cultural Studies Residency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

2013 Summer Studio Residency, Visual Arts Department, University of Regina. 2012 International Summer School of Arts and Sciences for Sustainability (ASSIST), Cultura21, Gabrovo, Bulgaria.


Industry Research Reports

Couzens, V. and Badham, M. (2022) Listening to Country, Listening to Community: recentring relational knowledge in Public Art commissioning on unceded sovereign territories, Dandenong Creek Art and Culture Trail, City of Greater Dandenong and RMIT University, funded by VicHealth.

MacNeill, K. Lye,  Jenny L., Pandolfini R.., McQuilten, G., Badham, M., and Powell, C., June 2022 (draft), Making Sense of Incomes in the Australian Visual Arts and Craft Sector Discussion Paper, Visual Arts Work:  Sustainable strategies for the Australian visual arts and craft sector.

Badham, M., Hillary, F., Fazakerley, R. (2019) Commissioning Art in Public Space, NAVA National Association of Visual Arts Code of Practice for the Professional Visual Arts, Craft and Design Sector, Australia.   

Ashranghi, L., McQuilten, G., Badham, M. (2018) Towards a network for social practice in art and design, NITRO, Non-traditional Research Outcomes, of The Australian Council of Deans and Directors of Creative Art.

Badham, M. and Bourke, L. (2018) ‘Reflections on the Coming Back Out Ball, a dialogic evaluation for the LGBTI+ elder community through dance’, The Coming Back Out Ball, All the Queens Men, Melbourne, Australia.

Badham, M. (2017) ‘Artist Residencies: negotiating expectations between guest and host’, Saskatchewan Industry Standards/ Best Practices for the Saskatchewan Visual Arts and Craft Sector, CARFAC Saskatchewan, Canada.

Badham, M. (2015) Evaluation report for the Indigenous Traditional Dance Project, Borroloola Northern Territory, Artback NT, Darwin, Australia.

Badham, M. and Thajib, F., (2014) Creative Communities II, a discussion paper on evaluating community empowerment in Indonesian villages, World Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia. Badham, M. and Chapple, R., (2014) Art of Play: the reimagination of public space, Women’s Circus, Footscray, Australia.

MacDowall L. and Badham, M., (2013) Spectres of Evaluation (discussion paper), Centre for Cultural Partnerships, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Oliver, J., Badham, M., Warr, D., Mann, R. and MacDowall, L. (2011) Stories from Home: An Art- Research Catalogue, Melbourne, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Badham, M., Laurie, R. (2011) Growing our Arts and Culture: a cultural strategy for Nillumbik Shire, Nillumbik Shire Council, Victoria, Australia.

Badham, M., (2011) Port Phillip, Australia: The Community Pulse – Measuring what Matters. CES/UCLG Library of Local Policies of Social Inclusion, the Social Inclusion Observatory, Barcelona: Committee on Social Inclusion and Participative Democracy (CSIPD), United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG).

Badham, M. (2010), The Menace of Metrics: a discussion about arts indicators (commissioned article), Saskatchewan Arts Alliance, Canada.

Badham, M. (2010) City of Regina, Social Planning and Community Services, Cultural Indicators for the North Central community, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Marchand L. and Badham M., (2008) Saskatchewan Industry Standards/ Best Practices for the Saskatchewan Visual Arts and Craft Sector, CARFAC SK, Canada.

West, S, and Badham, M., (2008) Creating Liveable Communities: a Strategic Framework for New Communities, University of Melbourne for the Growth Areas Authority, Australia.

West, S. and Badham, M., (2008) Creating Liveable New Communities. Promising practice: a book `good practice' case studies, Growth Areas Authority, Melbourne, Australia.

Badham, M., (2000) Artist Groups: Community Development for Artists, CARFAC SASK Advisory Note, Canada.


Publications - Other

Badham, M. (2012) “Naming the World:” a relational approach to cultural indicators and socially engaged arts, Unpublished PhD Thesis, University of Melbourne, Australia. Badham, M. (ed) (2011),

Badham, M. (2012) A History of Common Weal Community Arts: its been almost 20 years (un- refereed book), 148 pages, Common Weal Arts, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Badham, M., Frank, F., and Hemphill, S. (2006), Artist and Community Collaboration: a toolkit for community projects (un-refereed book), 124 pages, Common Weal Community Arts, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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