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Mapping Future Imaginaries Network

Mapping Future Imaginaries Network

The Mapping Future Imaginaries network is a cartography of speculations on a world to come. Mapping Future Imaginaries is a project for generating actions towards future utopias during times of immense uncertainty and flux: social, economic, environmental, and political.

Network members are scholars, artists, industry professionals, across local and global communities. The network presents different orientations, ideas and standpoints and an interconnected web of future possibilities for diverse individuals, communities and the world.

We imagine future citizens and new civics in these utopias, we imagine non-human, more-than-human futures, and social and environmental futures that shift away from the damage of current structures and prejudices. We speculate on elemental and material futures as we mine and waste resources and cause changes to our ecosystems. Through experimental modes and practices the Mapping Future Imaginaries network explores uncommon ideas and possibilities for future living.

Marnie is a contributing member of the MFI network and has delivered a series of research talks, workshops, and artworks on creative cartographies in academic and community settings. 

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